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How can I buy my ticket?

In the Web page and select the event you are interested in. To buy tickets physically, it would be at the Trui Teatre box office, which is open every Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Where can I pick up my tickets?

Tickets purchased through our website are “print at home” tickets that you can present directly with your mobile or you can print it from home. If you have bought your tickets at the Trui Teatre box office, they will be delivered once the payment has been made.

What are the box office hours?

Trui Teatre box office every Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m. and Trui Son Fusteret box office 3 hours before the start of the concert.

If my tickets have been lost or stolen, can they be reprinted?

If you bought the tickets from the web, you can check the mail and print your tickets again. If you can't find the email at the box office, it will be reprinted with the buyer's details.

Can you take the ticket on your mobile and not printed?

Sure, you can download your tickets in pdf and show the pdf at the entrance for validation. No photographs or screenshots will be accepted.

Can you buy tickets at the box office of the venue?

It can be purchased the same day of the event, if they are still available.

Can tickets purchased at the venue box office be paid with a credit or debit card?

It will depend on the organizer of the event. Cash and card payments are normally accepted.

What happens if I haven't bought the tickets through official channels?

They may not be valid. For this reason, we recommend that you always buy your tickets through official channels.

Can I post a photo of my posts on social media?

We recommend that you do not post photos of your tickets. In the event that it is published, make sure that the barcode or QR does not appear in the image that you share.

Do the children need a ticket?

It depends on the promoter. Consult before buying the age allowed to the event and if it is necessary to buy the tickets according to your age.


What are the box office hours?

The box office will be open hours before the start of the event.

Where can I find the box office?

Tickets purchased through our website are “print at home” tickets that you can present directly with your mobile or you can print it from home. If you have bought your tickets at the Trui Teatre box office, they will be delivered once the payment has been made.

Can I buy my tickets at the box office?

It depends on the event.


Where is Trui Son Fusteret?

The Trui Son Fusteret venue is located in Palma, next to the Son Castelló industrial estate. The address is Camí Vell de Bunyola, s/n, 07009 Palma, Balearic Islands

Can I go by public transport to Trui Son Fusteret?

Yes, we have two options. emt line, number 10 or we have the option of metro/train lines M1 and T3 at the Son Fusteret Vell Estació stop (304)

What should I tell the taxi driver?

The most recommended is the Trui Son Fusteret enclosure or fairground. You can tell him the address which is Camí Vell de Bunyola, s/n, 07009 Palma

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have private parking that can be included in VIP tickets depending on the event. Check your tickets. Is there a large parking lot in the San Francisco sports club field

What time is the opening of the event?

It depends on the event, check your tickets or the social networks of the venue for information on opening doors.

Which door can I enter?

Through the door that is closest to the highway next to the traffic light of the roundabout.

Can I camp at the gate of the enclosure?

No, camping in the street is not allowed according to current laws.

Is there security control to access the event?

Yes, before entering the premises our security team will check bags and pockets and will ensure that dangerous objects do not enter.

How long can the security check take?

It depends on the volume of people who are queuing. To avoid delays, we recommend coming in time to enter at the indicated door opening time.

Can I leave the venue once my ticket has been validated?

Yes, but once you leave, you will not be able to enter again because your ticket loses its validity. Consult the rules of the event or ask the security personnel.

Can I enter the enclosure with my pet?

You are only allowed to enter the enclosure with animals in the case of duly accredited guide dogs.


I've heard that an artist I like is playing at the venue, but I can't find the information.

If an event does not appear on our website, it means that the information you have heard is uncertain or that the event has not been officially confirmed.


Can I bring my camera?

Yes, if it is small. A reflex and/or professional camera is not allowed.

Can I enter with my backpack?

Yes, as long as it is a capacity of less than 25L.

Can I bring a banner?

In the case that you have a stick to hold the banner, you will not be able to enter. If you can access with posters or messages, as long as the size does not exceed A3.


How do I find my seat?

You can show the security staff the entrance and they will direct you to your seat.

Can I change seats during the show?

No, your ticket only gives access to the location indicated on it.

Can I get up and dance?

Clear! As long as you respect the visibility of other attendees.


Should minors be accompanied by an adult?

It depends on the specific conditions of each event. The generic norm of the venue establishes that minors under 14 years of age must come accompanied, but each organizer establishes its own cutoff and can establish 16 or 18 years as a limit. Check the specific conditions in the tickets or contact [email protected].In any case, minors who attend the venue will be identified with a bracelet in which the telephone number of the adult responsible for them during the event will be noted.


A Person with Reduced Mobility is considered to be any person who has a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%, whether physical, cognitive, intellectual or sensory. To certify it, it will be mandatory to show the corresponding card at the door of the venue together with the card.

Is there access and area for reduced mobility?

Yes, the access will be the same for all the public, since it is enabled for all the public. We have a specific area for reduced mobility.

Do I have to buy the special ticket for reduced mobility?

Yes, it is necessary to buy the specific ticket.

Does my companion have to pay admission?

Yes, everyone who wants to enter the venue needs their ticket.

How many companions can go with reduced mobility?

A companion who must have his ticket.

I am pregnant, can I change my ticket?

Check with the promoter. You can send your query to [email protected]


What can I do if I have lost something?

Check with the security team. Send an email to [email protected]


Does the enclosure have private parking?

Depending on the event there will be parking enabled. Check your tickets and event information before attending. Although you can find a large parking lot just to the right if we look at the gas station and turn our backs to the highway.



How can I submit a claim sheet?

You can request a claim sheet from our organization staff and they will tell you.


How can I work at Trui Son Fusteret?

If you are interested in working in our team, send us your CV to [email protected]


How can I get in touch?

You can contact us through our social networks such as facebook and instagram. You can call us at the number 971 60 55 06. Or you can send an email to [email protected]

What phone number can I call?

You can call 971 60 55 06  , and the schedule is from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What hours can I call?

Customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


How can I register for an event?

The accreditations of the events are always managed directly by the promoter, it is advisable to contact them. You can identify the promoter on the poster, where it says "organizer". For any other question you can send an email to comunicació[email protected]